When he decides to do something, he picks the most cutting-edge, most interesting person in the world to do it with, Geoffrey Marsh, curator of the exhibition David Bowie is that opened at the Victoria and Albert Museum.


Is there anything David Bowie hasn’t worn or can’t wear?  Can any rock musician claim to have outdone him in the range of looks he’s assumed?  Glam, Mod, Romantic, Soul, Hippie, Modern, Berilin—David Bowie is the ultimate self-inventor of rock.  Throughout his career Bowie has collaborated with designers, among them Michael Fish, Kansai Yamamoto (creator of many of the Ziggy Stardust costumes), Natasha Corniloff, and a young Alexander McQueen.  No less wide-ranging are his musical and artistic explorations: while on the Diamond Dogs tour in the US he went to see Marvin Gaye, the Temptations, and the Spinners; in Berlin he studied the music of Brian Eno, writings of William Burroughs and art of Salvador Dalì. These photos don’t begin to capture the kaleisdoscopic range of his looks.

If you get a chance to see the exhibit, David Bowie is, go! I saw the show in Toronto and was transfixed. It features many of his flamboyant costumes, lyrics to his songs and their immediate influences, his paintings, music carefully tuned to each phase of his career.  Bowie was always one step ahead, adapting and soaking in everything that interested him.








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  1. mac fairrington says:

    Dear Sir or Madam
    I do not represent a company or profit making concern
    I would like to use a photo image on this site of David Bowie wearing a scarf and convert to a hand painting 1 only one black and white painting on canvas size 90cmx90cm box
    In total I am trying to gain permission from other image owners including Getty who’s have asked me to choose an image and let them know and they will work out a price if they decide. If you agree the image I paint from the photo would be given to the Sir Bobby Robson Cancer Trust in Newcastle to raise funds for their charity trust. I am being treated by the trust for a brain tumour and I would like to do this if acceptable as a way to say thank you. I will purchase all the materials canvasses, paints etc and if their is a charge for use of the image please let me know.
    I have painted for several years now and have a small personal collection I have done for my own use I have never sold any image. i have also painted friends at weddings etc but prefer 60s/70s pop art
    Regards and best wishes
    Mac Fairrington

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