The thrill of style . . . it’s the better life. Beatrice Ost

Beatrix Ost’s outfits captivate us. Photos of her transport us to a world of fantasy and invention. The closer one looks, the more there is to see. But what are the details?

These three photos show the same outfit: the two with the striped wallpaper were taken in her New York apartment; the other photo at Estouteville, her farm in Virginia.

Beatrix wears a plum skirt suit, emerald green and teal silk blouse, blue Fortuny scarf wrapped as a turban and purple and violet thigh-high boots. Each color alone is stunning but it’s the combination which inspires. Worn with the boots, which are custom made, the outfit evokes a lady’s riding suit. She designed the suit which. Its lines recall a clothing from the 1930s, one of her favorite periods, but the colors are not those of the earlier era. Instead of pastels we have an array of brilliant jewel tones.  One  dashing detail–the lining of the skirt’s pockets are green. Therein lies Beatrix’s inventiveness, the careful thought that accompanies creation. She doesn’t copy but reinvents.


This second outfit provides different insights into her creativity. Readers will recognize the cover of The Philosopher’s Style in the more dramatic photo. Taken at a garden in Kyoto, the outfit pays discreet homage to Japanese design. She wears a black fur coat cut like a kimono, a Comme des Garcons jacket and an Issey Miyake skirt. The chunky plastic boots add an offbeat element. The blue, green and bordeaux of the Issey Miyake skirt resemble the jewel tones of the other outfit. Topping everything is her ubiquitous Fortuny scarf-turban, ruby red in the cover photo and jade green in the other. That the outfit is the cover image of one of her books reminds us that Beatrix’s creativity encompasses many mediums. Open the book and discover!

I’d like to thank Beatrix for sharing the information in these posts and hope that they convey some of her grace and kindness too.

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