Photo: Ellie Hogeman

Photo: Ellie Hogeman

Thank you for visiting my blog!  I’m Deborah Parker.  I teach Italian art and literature at the University of Virginia. While the dress of fashion designers and their clients has received much attention, the self-styling of artists has not. My interest in this subject goes beyond identifying a few dandies. I see this topic as an antidote to the current obsession with interviewing actors on the red carpet.   Creative persons do not need stylists. This is not a fashion blog: it’s about creativity, culture, and style.

     I’ve combed through many sources to find lively comments about the dress of creative minds. My goal has been to present these “originals” in all their glory. I hope the citations will provoke a deeper engagement with the images and the achievements of the subjects themselves. Much more could be said about all these persons.  I hope visitors will be inspired to explore them in greater detail.

       Each post includes links to information about the person and sources of the quotes and images. I will be updating once a week, usually every Monday. My own comments are usually at the end of the post.

     I welcome feedback!