If you want to make something happen that hasn’t happened before, you’ve got to allow yourself to make a lot of mistakes. Then the real magic will happen. If you just play it really safe, you won’t get any treats.

I do try to wear stuff by unknown designers, and I make sure I pay because if nothing else I have money.

I am one of the most idiosyncratic people around.

For a person as obsessed with music as I am, I always hear a song in the back of my head, all the time, and usually is my own tune. I’ve done this all my life.

Examples of Björk’s collaborations with Icelandic artist Shoplifter (Hrafnhildur Arnadottir) who specializes in elaborate hair designs.


Deemed the “the coolest woman on the planet” in the film The Girl in the Café, Björk is the ultimate iconoclast: no one looks like her, sounds like her, dresses like her. Her singular looks are owing to brilliant collaborations with designers such as Alexander McQueen, Jeremy Scott and Dutch avant-garde designer Iris van Herpen who has created the looks for many of Björk’s concert tours. A distinct stylistic aesthetic underlies every tour and album.  Iris van Herpen describes the intricacies of Björk’s Synesthesia dress: “We first made a well-fitting dress of black fabric, that followed the shape of the body till the knees. Upon that dress there is a more complicated pattern of handiwork. They are all separate pieces of dark, aubergine leather with a gold foil treatment on the back. The pieces were hand cut into tiny [half-centimeter] strokes. Half of the strokes were turned 180 degrees to the left side and the other half were turned the other way. Then they were sewn together so that they stayed [in place] after they were hand-sewn onto the dress. All together they create a pattern of reflection that comes from the back of the leather, because they are turned at some points. It was a big puzzle to make the pattern connect with the body shape, but it looked quite natural in the end.” Little wonder that the results are so unique.  Lady Gaga who?


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