I am too beautiful to live and too young to die, Marc Bolan

In donning feather boas, top hats, and glitter on his face Marc Bolan initiated the era of glam rock. He wore 6″ platforms and had a wardrobe of satin jackets in brilliant colors from canary yellow to shocking pink.  His favorite color was purple.

Most attribute Bolan’s glam look to Chelita Secunda, a fashion journalist, an editor of Nova, an innovative English magazine, and the wife of his manager Tonl Secunda. Sporting blue hair and rainbow eye makeup, Chelita styled Bolan in her own image, dressing him in colorful clothes, embroidered jackets, and applying glitter to his face.  The photos don’t do him justice. Bolan could have used a good photographer to document his transformations.

Fascinated with James Dean, Bolan had a premonition that he would die young and in a car accident:
‘The prospect of being immortal doesn’t excite me, but the prospect of being a materialistic idol for four years does appeal.’

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