I had the idea of making, for my new-born son, a bed-cover made up of bits of fabric like the ones I had seen Russian peasants using. When I was finished, the arrangement of the pieces of material had a Cubist look the them, and we than tried to apply the process to other objects and to paintings. Sonia Delaunay

Sonia is simultaneous. She is in the silk-workshop (or the workshop where wool is woven, or velvet made) and the dress-designer’s studio all at the same time. She gives her conception a perfect creative harmony, by thinking about all the transitions between the ready-made fabric and the final garment. . . Sonia knows the secret of her art: simultaneity is her trademark, the mark of her mind. Robert Delaunay, Du Cubisme à l’art abstrait.

Her rectangles, triangles, squares, curves enchant us with the mystery of a dynamism which is hers alone. From these elements, in principle straight and cold, Sonia Delaunay succeeds in creating a warm and sunny work such as life itself should be. Mysterious and secret, these fabrics, help us to live. Jacques Damase


From making a baby blanket for her son to creating artfully designed dresses featuring geometric shapes, Sonia Delaunay was a trailblazer. I love her poem-dresses, sly renditions of the notion of the woman as text.  Delaunay excels in fusing art, design and fashion, in creating movement through colors: she is simultaneity incarnate.

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