“The Bible of opera,” Leonard Bernstein

“It is so tiring to be with people because they all see me as a goddess, so I have to be a goddess for them.” Maria Callas

One of the great style icons, Maria Callas epitomizes the high glamour of the sixties with her striking looks, strongly accentuated by her distinctive eyebrows and kohl-rimmed eyes.  Known as La Divina, Callas captivated the public as much with her luxurious style as with her inimitable voice.  The high diva style was enhanced by the designers she favored—St. Laurent, Dior, Gucci, Pucci, Lanvin, Fendi, and Biki, Elvira Leonardi Bouyeur, a Milanese fashion designer friend who created many of her gowns and everyday outfits.

Callas transformed herself in the mid-50s after Luchino Visconti told her she’d have to lose 30 kilos before he’d work with her. She lost sixty five pounds: her body changed and so did her look.  Alain Reynaud, Biki’s son-in-law, became her fashion advisor and designer. He taught her the rules of color, chose her outfits, how to walk in high heels knowing, how to drape a shawl. In 1956 she was declared on the ten most elegant women in the world.

Horst, Maria Callas

Horst, Maria Callas




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One Response to Maria Callas, pt. 1

  1. anet says:

    she had a style advisor ? she got the message . no one like her today . every one looks the same and not very good either. the boob jobs , fake everything , hair extensions , plastic nails, lip rolls, fake tans,when are we going to get tired of this ?doesn,t seem anytime soon but for me it is here already.